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It was almost 96 degrees by 9am last Saturday October 10, 2015 when Shawn Jackson and I visit David De La Torre in Elysian Valley.

We found David wrestling a lime tree inside Jardín del Rio, a beautiful community garden in Elysian Valley. He was clearing away wild branches that blocked some of the neighbor's plots. David has rightfully earned himself the moniker 'Mayor of Elysian Valley'. Between Jardín del Río, organizing job fairs, the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch and gathering resources for earthquake readiness he has his hands full.

That morning we discussed the follow-up ideas we had put together since the CPCP convening in August. We were thinking of calling it PathHack: A day of "hacking" the Los Angeles Greenway Trail to create a slow-zone in direct reaction to the lack of action by the City to institute safety measures on the path.

During 4 hours we will hold multiple activity stations:

-A station with the Bike Coalition and the EVNW were they can give away bells and discuss the safety guides created in Elysian Valley along the EVNW. (How not to yell left and use a bell, where to slow down, etc.) -A station were kids can draw their dream monster bike (which then Shawn and I can try to translate into the Monster Barricade bike). -We can have an hour within the event were EVNW, SuperCommunity and the Bike Coalition talk bike safety: discuss the rules step by step even as the other stations keep working. -A station were people can sign a petition advocating for a slow-zone on the path.

Still organizing the intervention tho but excited to be well underway.