The Frog Spot (Neighborhood Locations 1/4)

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The Frog Spot was one of the first businesses to open in the neighborhood that catered to River visitors and is located along the Elysian Valley area of the Los Angeles Greenway trail. This gathering spot only open during the summer were locals and visitors alike can rest. The organization is run by the local non-profit Friends of the Los Angeles River.

Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) was founded by Lewis MacAdams in 1986 and it's mission is to protect and restore the natural and historical heritage of the Los Angeles River. It

On Saturday Shawn and I stop by to grab some refreshments. The space was bustling, with visitors that had come to participate of the Ten Feet exhibition. However most of the FoLAR volunteers were Downtown LA for the FoLAR Fandango Fundraiser.